The diagnosis of canine diabetes will be a shock for most pet owners and can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed and alone. You will no doubt, be worrying about how you are going to cope with injections, testing glucose levels, whether you are feeding the right food and if your dog is going to be okay! This is all totally normal but you don't have to do this alone!

There are some amazing support groups online, full of friendly people who have first hand experience in successfully managing diabetes in dogs. One such group is Canine Diabetes Support and Information on Facebook. With over 10,000 members from all over the world, they are the largest Dog Diabetes Facebook group, offering valuable support, information and help to anyone who needs it.

Another fantastic group, UK Diabetic Dogs is great if you are looking for a smaller, friendlier and more personal group. An equally supportive and informative group specificially for diabetic dog owners based in the UK.